Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Day Nine AEDM

My husband is off work today, so I have some moretime to write my NaNoWriMo novel and paint and do some creative things, but I woke overwhelmed. I wrote 1000 words this morning, though, the entire time, I could hear the kids giving him guff and him growing increasingly more impatient. I muscled through my two sprints with Ines, and painted this when I stopped writing because I had no idea what to paint. I sat and wondered and finally I thought of doing a visualization of what I want the day to be, rather than what it already was. If I painted how I was feeling, it would be me sticking my tongue out at the world, or flipping the world off. If I still feel that way tomorrow, I might paint that. Anyway, I don't feel down, just think that taking a day off from NaNo on Sunday, and then yesterday, I ended up chatting rather than writing...today, I will stay focused and write. I will hit my Nano goal, and my other real world deadlines, and somehow be dancing through it. Come on, Visualization, manifest.


Nanc Twop said...

perfect illustration for your day - trying to keep things balanced - nice.

sarah said...

Not that I'm hoping for your state of mind to stick around - in fact I'd like for it to shift - but I kinda am looking forward to seeing a picture of you flipping off the world.


sarah said...

*yuck, I don't like that I said I'd "like" for your state of mind to shift - it sounds quite bossy and like I'm not okay with other people being in uncomfortable places...What I meant to say was that, for you, I'd like your state of mind to shift, so that you don't feel frazzled or put upon and instead can just bask in your own beautiful creativity.

Curls O Fred said...

as the day is closing, it'd be interesting to see how your day shifted...hoping you got lots done! another lovely image of you :)