Thursday, May 27, 2010

Some recent work.

It has been months since I have posted. Sorry. So much has happened. My husband had surgery, while I was massively pregnant during which we had a two week stomach virus, then ebola, and then I began having three ob appointments a week, and then we had a living, breathing baby. Holy crap.

Still, me and the girl have been doing lots of art around these parts, though, and I have given myself permission to consider my writing and my still life 365 blog work part of the creative every day challenge. Also, maintaining still life with circles with occasional posts. I also participated in a silent art auction for SHARE-Lancaster and met the amazing Mother Henna, EmilyStephanie Cole, who hosts this website Beauty in the Breakdown and has a book coming out that you should totally buy, and of course, Hawk and Kara's mother and stepfather and cousins. It is always amazing to connect in real life with other grieving artists and mothers (and fathers). I am continually moved at how these women and men who were strangers before Lucy feel so much like family.

Alright, onto the art, on still life 365, I have started a travel journal, and so here is my entry for the first page of the journal, then it went to Germany...

Travel Journal, Watercolor, 03.31.10.

In February, my dear friend Kristin asked me to do a painting for her. She wanted something to inspire her to write. Something meditative. Something that touched on nature and art. She gave me a quote by James Therber, "Don't get it right, get it written." A week later, I became embroiled in caretaking, for my husband and daughter and myself. It was so consuming. I felt especially drained creatively. I can't really express the level of stress I was under. I just about exploded. Still, her painting was there lurking, and I felt terrible about not being able to devote the time and attention to meditating on it. After my son was born, I felt a level of comfort and stress of his surviving the pregnancy and birth part was diminished, though will always still be there, I assume. Anyway, after he was born, I also ordered a watercolor journal to begin art journaling. In it, I found myself sketching Kristin, trying to find some images I connected with.

Kristin First Sketch, watercolor and ink. 

Kristin Second Sketch, pencil.

Instinct and Inspiration, watercolor and mixed media.

Here is the explanation I sent to Kristin:
I started sketches a few times, and just didn't connect with it. I was having trouble with inspiring inspiration. I wanted it to be right for you, but I was creatively drained. Finally, I had an idea for it that I connected with, and began sketching. And so, here is your painting. I am calling it "Inspiration and Instinct" It is on watercolor canvas. 9x2. The image itself I wanted to make fantastical and accessible. I made your hair long and flowing to give it an air of exaggeration, as well as extend your arms out of encompass novels and ideas. I have an old dictionary/encyclopaedia, and I thought it would be cool to cut out the definitions for inspiration and instinct. I also handwrote the quote by james therber that you sent me. The dictionary/encyclopaedia has a section of nature sketches, so I thought it would be cool if you were inspiring not just painted swirling ideas, bits of paper, literature, but also these butterflies and moths, each an inspiration. Moths I always associate with night, and butterflies day, so they are supposed to inspiring work day and night. I actually thought of painting them, but liked that between your hands was both fiction and non-fiction; painted and from a book.
Other work I have done in the journal:

I Prayed for Each of You, acrylic and ink.

Mizuko Jizo with Pinwheel. Watercolor.

The Wind Blows my Kimono, but not my Hair. Acrylic.

Day in the life. Watercolor.

Pray. Acrylic and Mixed Media.

Broken Hearted Geisha. Acrylic and Mixed Media.