Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I have actually been working on the Sketchbook Project sketchbook for the past few weeks most intensely. My theme is, "I'm sorry I forgot you." I have sketched everything but the last two pages. A few months, I wrote a poem based on the theme and began thumbnailing the page layouts. I rebound the book with watercolor paper, then bound a little wee watercolor book to practice with layout and painting. Now, I am finally working on the full piece. I finished mostly sketching it out (except the last two pages, which are mindbogglingly unconducive to illustration.) Anyway, I finally painted the first two sketches. I cannot believe that my lettering still ended up being not straight. I measured, lined, and wrote a sketch under the painting, and still managed to get it all whopperjawed.

Spread one:

 I made your death about me.

My mistakes. 
My karma.
My deflated belly.
My anger.
My dead daughter.
My goddamned fucking grief.

Spread two:

Perhaps the five buck fortuneteller was right.

Aren't you excited to see how it will end?

Here are the original sketches. I was going to insert a fake notebook paper like a little high school poem with doodles on the side, but it didn't seem right. I decided on drawing myself as the only person in the universe, because grief feels so fucking isolating, and having a little person saying, "Are you aiming at me, universe?"

I changed the word psychic to fortune teller, because it seems more mystical and odd.


after iris said...

Oh amazing! I'm starting mine tonight

Curls O Fred said...

wow...LIKE so very much.

Amy said...

Very beautiful and powerful.

(seeing our adoption button at the top of your blog made me smile.... thanks!)

michelle hs said...

i love it! so raw and powerful!

Anonymous said...

Oh I love them! Gorgeous paintings... especially the first one speaks to me (wonder why).

Trulyana said...

Very intricate and beautiful. Looks like there is a lot going on and I wish you well in uncovering more of where you are and how you feel. I am currently doing a Chakra Journeying in my sketchbook, that goes through the different sources of the energy field and then I access each one through the sketchbook. It is very liberating to see what is going on, and unlock the chakras. I hope you continue to enjoy what unfolds. A continuous happy creative every day. :) Lovely to be passing by.