Monday, October 11, 2010


I love block printing, and I used to block print often after Beezus was born and before Lucy was conceived. That was the only art, really, that I was doing in the first few years of her life, before Lucy died. I was asked to be in a Day of the Dead ATC swap, and was psyched to do it. I feel Day of the Dead deep within me, and not only that, but it also marks one year of connecting with other artists via Mother Henna's swaps. I took two of her courses in the spring, and loved them and her, and was still finding my artistic footing, or lack of artistic footing that became my footing. (Does that make sense?)

Anyway, I had been wanting to try a block print for this swap, and then I saw Ines doing one, and Kara herself used an amazing stamp. I know nothing about stamping, but her work is amazing. My first instinct is to say, "Well, they are doing printing, so I won't copy." Or whatever you say as an adult that boils down to that sentiment. But having had a busy busy weekend, and not got to paint, I thought that I would just love to pursue this. My first idea. I'm going for it. So, I sketched out a 2.5"x3" skull with minimal design, some, but minimal. I wanted to give my calavera a tear and a heart, for obvious reasons. (Well, obvious to me, at least.)

I had my camera near since I was taking pictures earlier, and I was also spread out on my kitchen table for some reason that annoyed my husband. So, I took some during picture. Burnishing, then printing on card stock, then I lined them all up like a Warhol except the one messed up one I turned to the side. Then I used some cool markers and decorated them like sugar skulls. Though the orange were difficult to use markers on, so I left them just printed. Then the lining up of the ATCs made me think of doing a full sheet of skulls for my sister to frame. She collects Day of the Dead stuff for her house, and has my art in almost every room, from practice still life watercolors, or illustrations of her children, to block prints I did years ago. She is my biggest fan, so I am hoping she isn't peeking over here to see her surprise.


Sweetie Pumpkin Kitty said...

Oh crap, Angie...that is awesome. Can I get like hundreds from you.

still life angie said...

You are a stinker, sister. that would look awesome framed and matted, though, I think. I will look to see if I have one. Otherwise get rid of that damned terrible painting I did of the kids in your downstairs living room, and put this in its place.

Curls O Fred said...

oh so fun!

Amy said...

cool! I've only tried block style printing once and it was at the nature park I taught at. We tried to carve into erasers.... can't remember if it worked or not. I should try this again one day.

Anonymous said...

I love them... great idea - and still they all look different. Really cool. Makes me want to whip out a potato and knife (substitute to the real stuff) and try to get going.

But what this post really makes me do: remember to finally wrap up my ATCs and get them to the post.