Monday, October 18, 2010


Sketchbook Spread V:

And those other explanations I came up with about how you were taken away because I don't deserve happiness really were big fat lies that I have been hearing for a very long time.

Spread VI:

I have a cramped heart and a stiff soul from sitting in meditation with this grief.

Spread VII:
I once read that the soul is like a raindrop and when you achieve enlightenment, you fall into the ocean. Still you, yes, but part of something powerful and inseparable from everything.


sarah said...

Oh, wait, I'm not the only one who is haunted by the demon of Spread V? were taken away because I don't deserve happiness...

thank you for holding out some hope that I may someday see them as the Big Fat Lies that my logical brain can see them as, but my emotional brain isn't quite ready to acknowledge...

michelle hs said...

i love spread VII...i am just a single droplet! love your artwork! thanks for sharing.