Friday, October 22, 2010


The Last Sketchbook Project Spread:

I am sorry I forgot you.
(also the theme.)


Amy said...

Oh, wow.... this one hits really heavy and hard.

EVA said...

Hi Angie,

We have the same (incredibly challenging) theme! I seem to be taking it far more literally though. You're finished? Wow!!! Your pages are lovely!

I especially like the Buddha page.
Great work!

Trulyana said...

Wow, that's very powerful! :) Appreciate you sharing. Have a very happy continuation of a creative every day.

Merry said...

I've thought and thought about your take on this theme. Something keeps coming back to me, how, for every other baby, my dh has walked into the mat unit to visit each time and said "hey, how are you two?" because for such a long time, you who were two in one body, remain two but one, just outside, not in.

And so when the baby goes, you just lose part of yourself and however hard it might seem (my phrase was, I have to keep remembering there is a lost person at the centre of this)what you lose most, is part of you, the part that was them, the part that was supposed to separate slowly and didn't.

Lots of love.