Thursday, January 14, 2010

Wednesday and Thursday. 01.13.10-01.14.10

Wednesday 01.13.10. Sadly, all I did yesterday was assemble a Spinach Lasagna from scratch for my dear babylost friend who just had a babe. I woke at 5am and began making fresh pasta. I really thought we would go back and do some more crafting, so I didn't actually photograph the lasagna, but that is about as creative as I got yesterday. Sam worked a 24 hour shift. I grew desperately tired at 2p and Beatrice took a nap strike. *sigh*

Fat Mama. Marker. Thursday 01.14.10

I have been painting and drawing myself this morning, trying to explore my body, exaggerating the curves, unexaggerating the unimportant ones. I tried watercolor, acrylic, and then marker. I am in a funk. Back to the needle felting. I feel much more comfortable in the tactile arts.


after iris said...

First of all, YUM. I need that lasagne in my belly, STAT.

Second of all, I really love that drawing.

forwardtumble said...

sometimes it's time to let go of something and sometimes it's time to work through, looks to me you worked through and I LIKE this drawing.

Peace my dear friend go easy on yourself


Graham said...

what jess said.....

Hope's Mama said...

shit shit shit. that comment from graham was ME. a friend was logged in to his gmail on my computer! please delete it!