Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Monday. 01.18.10 and Tuesday. 01.19.10

This is a sort of before look at my studio space. I realize that I have no larger pictures of the room, without my nekkid daughter in them. *sigh*. So, you can see the corner of the existing bookcase, and our red couch, which has been removed. The large cubbie bookcase is out, as is another one which lined that wall.
After: This is where the red couch was and again, the corner of the bookcase, albeit the other corner. I am getting rid of most of my fiction and travel writing books. It was a hard decision to come to, but one that I think will ultimately be liberating.

Bins of arts and crafts stuff, and Beatrice's little orange table is behind my table. Everything is starting out organized and colorized and in its right place. We can talk next week.

Beatrice took this picture from her little pink arm chair, which now resides between the bookcase and my art table. I made sure there was a bit of space for her to relax, read and watch a movie while I work, since she often takes breaks here and there when she crafts. Jack the dog is making sure the backyard is secure from squirrels. Go dog Go.

I reorganized my little things drawers, and filled them with useful little things, rather than annoying clutter. What a joy. What I love most about this project is that I didn't buy anything, I merely rearranged my existing furniture and art studio, which was on the three-season front porch, which is really kind of two and a half seasons, since summer gets a bit too warm and winter a bit too cold with no heating or AC out there, so I end up not using much of the space and taking over the dining room.

It is interesting when you start pulling out scattered art gear from every corner of your house. You might find, for example, that you have five bottles of children's white paint, or four of orange. At least, I will not purchase paint for another few days.

So, this has been my project for the last two days, creating an art studio for my daughter and I. Maybe will I tag this as interior design, or mental health work. I am very pleased with the space and the accessibility of everything. I am already inspired to create more, and so is Beatrice, who notices her art gear and wants to use it. YAY!


Bobbi Lewin said...

ahh! a clean and organized studio, such joy:) mine is currently a disaster zone! thanks for stopping by my blog!

after iris said...

Ooooh.So lovely!

Angie & KellyAnn said...

Oh man, that is awesome! I thought your porch was perfect for the light, but that back room has the light and heat!!!! And it looks so good, also digging the colorizing....colorized my fat quarters felt good!

sara lee said...

AWESOME!!! Man I LOVE THIS TOO!! I love it all Angie! I am sitting here thousands of miles south with a BIG GRIN on my face. I have been in the process of re-arranging as well- went to my storage space this past weekend and brought back all this stuff - things I have had and missed and things that I forgot I had and will go on to make some other one happy. Yay for the re- arranging! I am so happy for you and Bea- such a wonderful space to create in together. That must be so much fun and what you learn from one another- I can only imagine how fantastic it is!!!
smiling from Tejas!!!