Friday, January 29, 2010

Thursday.01.28.10 and Friday.01.29.10


Yesterday, I didn't have much creative juice, and so, for a bit of inspiration, I decided to do a giveaway on my grief blog. A needle felted piece of choice!!! <--Look, a crazy scare headline complete with more exclamation points than one should use in a year! Anyway, I was courageous yesterday, which sort of is what art is about, I think. I shopped for my baby boy, which I have been terrified to do for 28 weeks. Some onesies is all, but it felt momentous.



 Calm Meditating Mama, Watercolor, 01.29.10

Today I meet for the first time with my new OB, and I am anxious. Woke at 4:45 am and couldn't fall back asleep. Nothing too hysterical, but just anxious about my blood pressure, having to go back into the hospital for monitoring, getting put on bedrest, being diagnosed with anything...uneventful. I just want things calm and uneventful. So, I decided to do a meditating mama painting for myself for today. I have painted meditating mamas since my Lucy was in utero. I always begin these paintings with a meditation, sitting still, breathing deeply, clearing my mind. I did do one thing before I painted, which is do a bit of aura research. I am not a huge "believer" in aura, but I love color meanings in dream and whatnot. So, I found this for the meaning of green: "Green aura color signifies relaxed attitude and ability to heal. People with green auras emanate peace and it is very relaxing to be in the company of such people."

Relaxing. Good.

I do these paintings in one sitting as a kind of gesture drawing. Apparently, I always draw my belly a bit lopsided, which is interesting. These paintings are very intuitive for me. I rarely sit on a section of the drawing/painting for too long. Just quick movements, but so far, Thor is breach, sitting in my pelvis, so that my belly is lopsided is kind of...interesting. So, here I am. With a little watercolor rendition of me in the exact opposite state of what I am now. Alright, not exactly true, but painting what I want to be--calming and healing. I am going to stuff it in my book and hope for the best. And if it gets too dodgy in there, I will whip it out, hypnotize the new OB with the startling green, and run away. Always good to have a back up plan.


sara lee said...

RIGHT ON ANGIE!!! I love reading about your momentous-ness and GO GREEN! I am sending you good vibes for today's meeting. I love reading how- you do the painting and that you begin with a meditation- that is so grounding. I wish you the very best today and am thinking of you.

sara lee said...

ps- very excited about the give-away- have never done that before- very exciting!!!

Angie & KellyAnn said...

It is beautiful!!!! I love green...

Hope's Mama said...

Beautiful, Angie. This is such a peaceful painting. I just love your watercolours and your meditating mamas. So beautiful.
And it IS momentous you shopped for Thor. I remember feeling the same after I bought my first few blue bits and pieces for Angus.
28 weeks - I can hardly believe it. Time is flying by here for me, I know it is not for you, but you really don't have long to go.
Counting down the seconds with you until you hold that gorgeous boy in your arms.