Monday, March 5, 2012


The reason I haven't been posting on this blog is because I have been crafting, redecorating, and creating around the ranch. I don't really have a ranch. I live in a small town in New Jersey, but you know...

Last weekend, my husband and I decided to break our guest room down and turn it into a playroom for the kids. They share a room, and all their toys, clothes and crap was shoved into the smallest room in the house. We have guests maybe once every two months, so we just pulled the trigger. We also decided to break down part of the studio and create a sewing space for me, since I just bought a sewing machine. (And am learning little projects here and there.) My baker's racks in the studio then went on the front porch, as well as a useless shelving unit from the bathroom, and that is being turned into an indoor garden area. All in all, it had meant our house is in flux.

I stupidly did not take pictures of the guest room filled, but I did after we emptied the room. So, this is before from the door (left) and the after (right)

We moved a ReStore (ReStore is the Habitat for Humanity thrift shop.) We had too much furniture in the living room. We moved in a bookshelf from the kids room. Hung some maps and hung the letters Beezus is making in pre-K with items that start with that letter (B is made of Beans, for example.)

Before diagonally  across from the door:

Play kitchen, music basket, baby bed, meditation cushions, and Sam built custom shelving across the entire wall with window and we filled it with games, puzzles, toys and books. On top of the shelves is the new nature table/altar. We took that down around Christmas, because everything was so cluttered and couldn't find a new space for it, so I am most excited about that.

This is the right corner. We added a table, the day of the week/weather board. They have a little table and chairs, our button heart, and a gnome growth chart. The closet is filled with costumes and adult games.

All in all, I cannot believe we lived without a playroom for so long. It feels absolutely natural to have this space here. A whole room is valuable real estate, and we need it for the kids. It also means their room is so much less cluttered and less chaotic.

So grateful for this project. We also have a dedicated area for meditation now. And we have been group meditating every day since we rearranged the space. I have quite a few projects in the pipeline to share this week, so you might be hearing from me a lot.


Sara said...

Jealous of your play room. I'm ever so slowly getting ready to turn my office into one. It means paring down my stuff quite a bit (trying to fit five file drawers into three) and figure out what to do with stuff that we still need, like the printer. I'm eager to get it set up and get toys and play space organized, but I've decided that I'm going to wait until my littlest one stops destroying/eating every book she finds. My office is the "safe" zone for our two biggest bookcases. I also need to get a door for the walk-in closet) part of me would love to let that closet be part of the play space (they'd love it being a little, half-hidden space, but I don't have anywhere else for all the stuff in there. Anyway, you've got me dreaming again about what to do with that space.

Janel said...
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HereWeGoAJen said...

I love having a playroom. And we use it so much more than our guest room. In Florida, we got rid of the guest room and it was actually kind of nice.

Hope's Mama said...

Lovely, Angie. Oh how I'd love more space in my little house. I dream of a house with a spare room in my future!

Curls O Fred said...

Sounds great. I'm glad it worked out so well :) We are currently working on getting rid of our guest room for a crafting/music space for us. We might have to reconsider that in the future though if we find it's necessary.