Monday, March 19, 2012

chalkboard jar labels

I have been blending herbs for my own herbal teas at night. I used to do this quite frequently when I lived in Tucson and belonged to a co-op with an amazing herb selection, or even being able to go out and gather. Recently, I found a wonderful on-line shop for herbs. Storing them in mason jars makes my heart happy. But labeling them was kind of a pain. So I bought some chalkboard paint.

I painted streaks across each jar. This chalkboard paint was in the clearance bin at Michaels for $2.99, but I have recently seen a few recipes for homemade chalkboard paint on Pinterest.

I let it dry overnight, then eh, voila!


Curls O Fred said...

Do share your online herb place. Love the look of the jars and the ease to relabel when necessary :)

HereWeGoAJen said...

Ha, I just did this same thing! Only I bought chalkboard contact paper and used a punch for all my jars.

Sara said...

Angie: chalkboard paint
HereWeGoAJen: Chalkboard contact paper
Sara: Contact paper left over from my kitchen shelves

In theory I like the idea of the chalkboard paint, but aesthetically not for me. Cool idea though.

still life angie said...

Sara, you use contact paper left over from your kitchen shelves for labels? How does that work?

I'm sure this is aesthetically not for everyone, like every post I write, but I do like that with herbs it blocks the light a bit.

Hope's Mama said...

What a cool idea.