Tuesday, March 6, 2012


I've been rediscovering my love of linoleum block printing. I've been fascinated with feathers as well. And so I thought I might do a feather carving. 

I drew a very basic feather, anPd then texturized it while carving the block.

My initial idea was to use the feather for a tea towel. I printed it and it looked like poo. Here I'll show you. It literally looked like poo. Smeared poo.

For that project, I grabbed a piece of fabric, and covered the now set block print. I liked the way it turned out.

For the feather print, I printed off some on watercolor card stock in gold for sending to friends.

I really dug this triple print I did. Experimenting with the printing aspect of it.

Today, I dug out a total score from the ReStore, which is sheet music. (Pun intended.) 10 cents a booklet. It felt kind of sacrilegious to make art our of sheet music, but then I thought it was ten cent paper, and it is art. Make it better. 

Not sure I succeeded in the better part, but I did do some enso meditation paintings.

After meditating and painting, I thought I might print some more pieces. I did some red feather prints.

I might give that to my cousin, who I call Primo. Rather, I call him Mopri (primo flipped.)

I love the feather print, and my sister gave me the idea to do a series of four, each one a symbol of an element. I have sketched out a fish for water. A tree for earth. I am still worried about the fire, but we will see.


HereWeGoAJen said...

You make the best things! I love the feather.

Curls O Fred said...

Lovely experiments. The feather is beautiful!