Saturday, March 10, 2012

jewelry holder

At the same time that we reinvented the guest room as a playroom, we decided to reorganize the bathroom. That might seems strange, but we have this rather large chest of drawers that comes from Sam's family, and I was thinking it might be a more effective way to house our linens, towels and other goodies than the mixture of small, ineffective, slatted shelving unit and a small, ineffective shelving unit with drawer. We moved those out, but in doing so, we had to throw out, reevaluate each item. I actually love doing this, so you know...once everything was out, it looked strange, like we had a chest of drawers and had no idea what to do with it, so we stuck it in the bathroom.

We still don't know what to do with that chest of drawers, incidentally. It is sitting in our dining room. Yay.

During my organizing, I had a pile of jewelry, and honestly, I have a jewelry organizing station upstairs in my closet, but I use the downstairs all day, and usually want to put my finishing touches on there. I hit our cluttered and treasure-rich basement.

My eyes fell on an old dry erase board we used to use in our kitchen. Sam, unfortunately, wrote on it with Sharpie. Yeah. I used a glue gun and covered the board itself with scraps of linen. Then I screwed hooks into the frame on one side. On the other side, I ripped off a piece of old screen and stapled it to the frame.

And I had a jewelry holder.

I like that there is a pen lip on this. I can rest those pieces that can't hang. We also took out one of the shelves, the slatted one, because ay, I found so many things under that damnable piece. That shelf is going to the front porch growing area I am beginning in the next few weeks. (When the carpenter leaves our home.) It definitely gives the space more space. I replaced the art with two pieces by Jen Singer called Good Manners, they say, "No, thank you." And "Yes, please." And then one of those subway art pieces about manners. I actually bought all these good manners pieces and had no idea where I was going to hang them, which was a little silly. But I like the way it turned out, for not changing very much.


HereWeGoAJen said...

We have a random small bookshelf in our bathroom. It ended up in there when Elizabeth was small and pulling every book she could reach off the shelves and since we kept her out of the bathroom...

I love the jewelry holder. Such a handy idea!

Hope's Mama said...

That's really cool. I hang all of my earrings on a champagne glass in my bathroom but it doesn't work for the non-hangy types!