Saturday, June 26, 2010


Life is going by so very quickly. My little Thor is three months and Beatrice is three years and three months. Insanity. This week was my first week of having a babysitter help me get some writing/editing done. It was nice t have three hours straight to work during the day. I am most productive in the morning, so it worked well. As you can imagine, I didn't get much done. But some good things happened this week, one of my Etsy paintings made it to a treasury. I Carry Your Heart. And the bonus is that it sold. YAY! And for those who don't know, and who would, really, because I didn't tell many people, I was asked to write an essay for a book by women who have had a stillborn child. I am joining many amazing writers and bloggers and artists (Kara, aka, Mother Henna amongst them.) This week, the publisher finally posted the book on the website, and it is listed on Amazon. They Were Still Born.

I did manage to do some paintings this week. I was really interested in trying some painting and mixed media techniques and play with some images. So I did some mini-paintings on canvas board. They are layers upon layers of stuff I tried. It was fun. I did them thinking of my daughter Lucy. One is called You are my sunshine and the other is called Please Don't Take my Sunshine Away. The You are my sunshine one was originally a jizo painting and the jizo is under the collaged paper, which is actually kite making paper I found online. I just wanted to see what that looked like layered.

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Hope's Mama said...

You've certainly been busy. I love the paintings, and well done on the Etsy news. Can't wait to read the book.