Friday, June 18, 2010


But I want to be the Queen. Marker and pencil. 8"x10"

Bee-girl. Watercolor. 2"x3.5"

Painting my children makes me happy. Beezus always wants me to paint her, so here are some Bee pictures. I am not crazy about the last one, but playing with some techniques. Pulled out my markers for the large Bee-girl one. I did paint one, which was stunning, and went to ink it. It was wet and the ink blurred the entire face. It was so disappointing and stupid. I really should consider a second cup of coffee in the afternoon. The top one I drew and left on white marker paper, then when I went to sharpen the picture in my photoediting program, there was an antique film setting. I clicked it and thought it looked pretty cool. I also liked it sepia, ut kind of defeats the purpose of the color markers, though it does make me want to do some sepia drawings.

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nanke's stuff said...

They're both very cute, and so like little girls! nancy