Tuesday, June 15, 2010


So the past two days I painted a few ATCS. Two of which were for ripple. I only submitted one, because I didn't like the second one. It is a good cause, anyhow. So here is the one I submitted. It is only ten dollars donated to a good cause, helping the marine animals and birds affected by the oil spill. And then you get a mini-piece of art. I bought one and painted one, and so should you.

Here is the one I didn't send.

And then here is a little sketch/watercolor I did also ATC size. I am an identical twin. I am also writing, or trying to begin the process of thinking about writing, a children's book with my sister about being an identical twin. It really is an opposite book. Ha. Anyway, I keep doing little sketches of her and I trying to master us looking exactly the same in face, even though our hair is different. It is hard to do that in sketch. When we were in second grade, my identical twin declared that she no longer wanted to be a twin, so she chopped her hair off, and changed her birthday. It was hurtful. But now, when I draw twin skteches, we always have different length hair.

sisters forever. 2.5"x3.5". Watercolor and ink.

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