Saturday, June 12, 2010


Cooper's birthday card. Watercolor and ink.

Yeah, I have been doing more stuff this just this this week, but this is all I managed to photograph. I signed up to do the 21.5.800 challenge which is 21 days of 800 words of writing a day and yoga five times a week. It is awkward to explain, but it has been good to focus on writing and movement. Right now, I have more to write about than time. I always want to write. Always. And I could always sit down and write.I bought a pre-stretched canvas that is four feet by two feet. After all the little ATCs (which I am totally addicted to), I am intimidated by the large canvas. I am planning in my head. And very excited about it.

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Curls O Fred said...

I think I've mentioned it took me over a year to finally do something on my big canvas. Look forward to seeing what you do with it! Fun card too.