Tuesday, November 15, 2011

super daddy

If I had a little sign that I hung on my door, it would say, "Gone Campin'" Our family and TracyOC's family headed out yonder in the hills and camped the shit out of a Pennsylvania State Park. It was awesome. But I didn't get much any writing done, no drawing. I do have a fierce kink in my neck which is making me feel like Frankenstein, but that is neither here nor there, and probably more a result of sleeping at my mother's house last night than camping.

Tonight, however, I had to paint my husband's birthday card. In our family, we draw and paint cards for each other. Even my husband for me. They are the best. I love that our family does this for one another. And surprisingly enough, my husband started the tradition. The first year he did it, he drew a little stick family and it said, "I love you." And then it has blossomed from there. Today is my husband's 39th birthday and since he doesn't read any of my blogs anymore, I thought I would share his card here. He really does do this. I have this picture of Beezus, age 22 months. We were absolutely grief-stricken during this time, so this type of thing would raise our spirit for the entire week. Seriously.

So here is his SUPER DADDY card.

Happy birthday, Sam, in the off chance you see this! You are the best daddy in the world.


Amy said...

Love the card! Fun, colorful ... just perfect!

Mary Beth said...

LOVE that card! Love that he does that. Happy Birthday to yo man :)

HereWeGoAJen said...

I love it! It's perfect. And happy birthday to Sam.

Sara said...

Love it!

Hope's Mama said...

Very cool. Happy birthday to your super baby daddy!