Thursday, November 17, 2011

magical thinking

I am trying to sketch out a painting 3' x 4'. I want to do a kind of poster/guerilla art piece that is about grief that is startling and true and people like. I have no idea what to paint. I like my grief girl paintings. I just am not sure anymore. I am also thinking that it would be cool to do a more stylized mizuko jizo on a white background. I am stuck right now. It is AEDM and I have been doing Art Every Day. I thought I would share one of my sketches from my art journal, which is one of the ideas I was toying with for a painting.

It is called Magical Thinking.


Mary Beth said...

Angie, I really, really love this one. Thanks for sharing.

Renel said...

This is really just awesome. I am hoping for her and for me and for you and for every other mother...BRING HER BACK! PLEASE

Hope's Mama said...

Beautiful, Angie. xo