Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sunday. 02.07.10


 Home, Needlefelted, 02.08.10
Just feeling a bit home-y and literal today. I have no idea what I will do with my home now that I have felted it, but here it is. My daughter thinks it's booful, so that is success in my book.


forward tumble said...

very, very booful, yes.

I wish I had a house like that - you're not a realer by any chance? How big is it? Would it house a couple and their two cats? Does it have space for two studio/workshops? and a sunny back garden?

xx Ines

Amy said...

Oh, so fuzzy and warm. What a sweet little house!

Anonymous said...

I too think it is booful. I must try needle felting one day.

sara lee said...

Angie! So super duper! I like the heart in roof- your house is overseen by love. So 'booful'!
Hope your week is awesome :)

Liberty said...

that is really beautiful. so cozy-feeling!

BeadsbyColor said...

I love your little house,It looks so warm and comfy inside.

Kelly said...

Gorgeous interpretation of this month's theme. Love it!