Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Monday. 02.01.10

Doodle of Bea with a painting. Watercolor, Ink, Acrylic. 02.01.10

Bea wanted me to doodle her and her painting. It is the only thing I did creatively yesterday though, if rearranging my daughter's entire room doesn't count.


forward tumble said...

Angie, I know this might sound daft, but well, I was reading my blogs through my reader and the picture came up before I read the rest of the post and I knew straight away, this is Bea! Amazing doodle. Very well capture, in my opinion. Like it a lot!

xx Ines

sara lee said...

LOve this- I love your images of people Angie. I feel like she could talk- and I can see her interacting with the image of you from last week!!(1/27) they remind me a lot of my favorite tv special from when I was a kid- I'm Really Rosy- it was narrated by Carol King- I found the album once in a thrift store and it is AWESOME! Your images remind me of Really Rosy in the 21st Century. Thank you!!