Saturday, February 6, 2010

Friday. 02.05.10 and Saturday.02.06.10

Friday was much of the same, still overhauling the website, rewriting sections, looking at consistency in the content. Boring but useful. Definitely in the cleaning house section of the Home theme.
Today, we are snowed in, and I made another egg and bacon magnet for my dear dear friend, and also on the home theme, I was thinking about the idea of nesting, and so I needle felted a very crappy looking nest with three eggs--blue for thor, pink for beezus and purple for lucy.


sara lee said...

Oh these are AWESOME Angie!! I love the nest! I woke up this morning with the image of a heart in a nest! I am excited to see the new site!! I found a couple of other amazing sites lately-
Some awesome stitching stuff- and other things!!
I hope that your snow day is warm, cozy and creative!

sara lee said...

ps-we made huevos rancheros yesterday morning - having been inspired by the eggs and bacon magnet- thank you- it was tasty and reminded me of the times I wasn't working at Carm's that I went to the American diner for brunch!!

Dani819 said...

Ooh- I wish I were the dear, dear friend. Love these. And love that you were obviously raised on Beverly Cleary.