Tuesday, June 26, 2012

sun catcher

I bought kite paper a while ago. And by a while ago, I mean three years ago. I still have the one book I bought. It lasts a hella long time for our family, and incredibly useful. Think tissue paper that isn't able to be poked through. Right? That's awesome.

So for summer vacation, we created some kite sun catchers for the windows.

There is no special trick for these. I think they are self-explanatory.

You take two pieces of card stock, or one piece folded in half, depending on the size of whatever you are making.

We made some kites before summer vacation. So, we drew a diamond, cut out the middle. Then we glued kite paper in differing cuts and shapes to the inside of the bottom sheet. (Think of it as opening a hotdog bun. Flip the top over next to the bottom sheet. We put glue stick on the bottom black paper. You can use any adhesive--scrapbook tape, modge podge, whatevs. Using glue on the kite paper where the sun will shine through will also make the glue shine through, just a little FYI.

Then you put glue on the top flipped over piece of card stock, flip it back over and place it on top of the bottom sheet. For these kites, I also cut some ribbon for the tail.

For summer solstice, we decided to create a sun and moon combination. This is it's temporary home.

I do think these suncatchers look cooler in person. *sigh*


HereWeGoAJen said...

Love those! We had some tissue paper Waldorf stars in our window until they ripped. I should do some more. And I should get some kite paper.

Hope's Mama said...

They look pretty cool here, on the internets, all the way over on the other side of the world :)

Sarah said...

these are awesome! I remember making something similar to these in elementary school. Cant wait to make these with my step-daughters :) thanks for sharing!