Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Part of the reason I haven't been posting or writing here is that in early May, I had a miscarriage at twelve weeks. It was a very physical process and I was not up for doing much. But one weekend, while I was still bleeding and sad, I decided to finally do something about this stupid wall in my backyard.

That is my garage. Behind that wall is my husband's workshop. He is a woodworker for fun, and he creates amazing things in there. Actually, part of the reason I wanted to work on that wall was because he was building this.

From scratch. It has a tin roof, and is going to have some swings eventually. We moved our big comfty wicker chairs out there with the fire pit and it is so cozy, but that wall...egads.

So, I designed a mosaic. I have never made a mosaic on a wall before, mind you, but I wanted a project. I laid out some glass I had from our stepping stone projects ( I cannot remember if I posted about those last year. Perhaps on SLWC.) I bought some extra glass. This is what it looked like laid out:
I wanted to incorporate water, earth, sun, and air. 

Here is how it developed on the wall all day.

Found that picture. Glad I broke down and moved the bench out to the garden. My back was aching.

This is the temporary final. I ran out of green and blue and besides this is nine hours of work. I plan on expanding it to the entire wall, but for now, the four elements and healing through art. Whenever I bury myself in artwork, I feel better. 


Hope's Mama said...

This is incredible. I could just sit and look at this all day. Right now, I can imagine myself sitting in your yard with a cool drink enjoying the summer sunshine, watching our kids play while quietly admiring your art. I really love this, perhaps more than anything of yours I've seen before.

Curls O Fred said...

I love that you just jumped in to it's really great.

HereWeGoAJen said...

That's gorgeous. I love it.

Renel said...

You are amazing. I love the mosaic and your back yard.

Mary Beth said...

OMG! That is so wonderful--your talent never ceases to amaze me, Angie. Thank you for sharing this gift of yours with all of us :)

Anonymous said...

Mosaics are just one of the most healing projects... I love what you created here! Back home from traveling, fighting with the jetlag and catching up on blogs. xo