Wednesday, April 25, 2012


This poor neglected blog. I have been doing some art and crafts in the last few weeks. Not quite sure why I haven't blogged about it. Well, actually, I am. I just had a ton of obligations in the last few weeks, and writing assignments and got tangled up in blue.

SO, I just finished my second blockprint of the elements. First element was air, represented by a gold feather, though I did some other prints of red on sheet music and stuff like that. But my idea is to do a series of the elements to be framed as a four panel piece. This is the element water.

I also printed on a blue sheet, which turned out really cool. Much cooler in person.

And the two together on block printing paper.

I printed most of these as cards, because I love using block prints for cards. I think for fire, I will do a cool lino cut of the sun. And the earth element is the hardest. Perhaps a tree? Any ideas? I also think the sun and the earth are going to be squares, rather than rectangle, so they are balanced when they are all together.

I saw one of those sign/saying things today on Facebook that said the Earth without Art is just Eh, which made me happy. So, Happy Arting!


HereWeGoAJen said...

Very cool!

Curls O Fred said...

I love the styles of these...unified, simple, elegant, yet earthy. Can't wait to see the others when you get them done.

Hope's Mama said...

Love them!