Saturday, December 10, 2011

needlefelted christmas

I had the most amazing time on Friday night. My friend Janel invited a bunch of women over with their kids to craft. I was so excited, and so were the kids. It reminds me of my friend Betsy's Craft Girls. She used to have these cool wine/cheese get togethers were we just crafted. I'd love to do that here too, but I don't know many people around my area who are crafty.

Anyway, Janel lives a little more than an hour away, so it was actually kind of fun to bundle the kids up, pack jammies for the ride home and head over. I brought needlefelting, because winter makes me want to needlefelt. I have done a few pieces lately that I wanted to share.

First, I needlefelted this little sheep to give to Janel as a hostess gift. It is an ornament. I actually dig the sheep, but she is about one week from being a downer sheep. Only people who have read Laurie Garrett's The Coming Plague might know what that means, but let's just say, she is a little wonky and is headed for greener pastures. I still have been enjoying three-dimensional felting.

And while there, I started and today finished a new Santka Lucia ornament. Not sure if I am gifting her, or keeping her.

Sorry for the crap lighting on this one.

I will be posting pictures from the show in the new few days, and some Christmas crafts--easy and cheap decorations I made in the first year of my marriage, and am still using! Hallelujah!


HereWeGoAJen said...

Every time I see your needle felting, I want to learn to do it. Is it difficult?

still life angie said...

No. It is super easy. They have needlefelting At Michael's now.

Hope's Mama said...

Love your work. Always.

Janel said...

So very, very glad you made the trek down with your peoples. Everyone loved getting to meet you and I always cherish spending time together in person. xo.

Janel said...

And my sweet little sheep is sitting on my dining room table with the clementines and strung cranberries. Thank you!