Friday, September 16, 2011

repainting the jizo.

Watercolor is notorious for fading in the sun. And as I approach three years since Lucy's death, I am finding my earliest of post-Lucy watercolors sun-damaged and faded. Take for instance one of my first mizuko jizo. I used to paint two styles of jizos, now, I paint about five. But my earliest jizos were either clusters of jizos, each with a prayer. And the other was more of a pop-art kind of jizo. It just depends on the mood I am cultivating at the moment. I remember painting this one, and the joy I felt at painting Lucy alive and playing peek-a-boo.

Here it is faded out of its frame. So, maybe this is not gauche, or something, but I repainted it very carefully. Now it looks like this.

I'm happy I did it. I was nervous to ruin this painting, but it was undisplayable before, and now, it looks like it did. I even got to tone down that obnoxious signature. Yay.

Today is picture day at Beezus' school. So, she suggested we take a picture of us. We tried.

This one, I was holding the camera, and then Thomas Harry was angry with the entire situation.

This one is the one we set the timer for.

Beezus didn't like the timer one, so she decided she would just take a picture of Thor and Mama.

Have a lovely day. We finally have some fall weather. It is beautiful outside, and so we are going to go play.


Renel said...

That turned out really well. I really love how Lucy is alive and playing hide and seek.

michelle hs said...

absolutely love the 'repainting' and i was just reading your essay in the They Were Still Born book again the other day...absolutely love your writing! beezus & thor are adorable!!!

Amy said...

I think the repainting of the jizo looks wonderful! I love that one. We have fall weather here too and it's just fabulous! Chili cookin' on the stove right now.