Monday, May 16, 2011


Been painting here and there, and posting some new items on my Etsy site. Hoping to generate some new custom work, because I am in a funk of inspiration. I need things spelled out for me, because I am both dim and tired. I guess I'm not really in a funk at all. I'm painting, right?!?! I just feel like I am pulling every painting out of me with pair of tweezers, which is tedious and painful.

Here are some things I did yesterday.

Joyful Mizuko Jizo.
6" x 9"

Meditating Mama.
4" x 6"

Yesterday, I also made some sculpty sculptures with my daughter. A one inch sushi, a little calavera and a mizuko jizo. We baked them and eh, voila, instant window sill additions.


Curls O Fred said...

Your mizuko sculptures are darling! And even when you are pulling the paintings out with tweezers, they are still beautiful. Sending love friend.

Hope's Mama said...

All beautiful work, Angie. Love the meditating mama.

Anonymous said...

I love all your art, but your mizukos just touch my heart. I have a some clay leftover... Last time I tried, I started too big and ran out of clay. Your little cuties encouraged me to try again - this time a size smaller.

btw your mizuko-paining never hangs far from my sight. Will never get tired looking at it.