Tuesday, September 14, 2010


As I have grown in confidence with my illustrating and painting, I have grown in my confidence to share them. So, this year, I started painting my nieces and nephews (I have nine of them!) cards for their birthday. I always send them the cash of their age, which is all my husband will allow in terms of gifts. I have no idea why he is like that, just a bit, uh, tight with that. So, I had some fun with my niece A.'s card, and my nephew W.'s card. W's birthday was the day after Thor was born, so I missed it this year, and kept meaning to catch up and now it is six month later, so originally I thought of sending him a half-birthday card, but in the end, I decided on my old ninja fall  back.

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Anonymous said...

oh I like the ninjas!! They a so cool. I hope your nephew likes them, too. Sometimes i wonder if I/we are hopelessly outdated with what we think it's cool. I said a big "phew" when I received a lovely thank you letter from my niece for the presi I made for her.
And as for the money? I have absolutely no idea.