Monday, September 20, 2010


All is Full of Love ATC Series.
"Heart trade"
2.5" x 3"
Watercolor and India Ink.

Close-up on the second one.

All is Full of Love.
Watercolor and India Ink.

This one is actually for me. It didn't turn out wonderfully in person. I chose a yellow wash, and it detracts from the power of the painting, I think. This is actually a meditation painting I do when I know one of my babylost mama friends is coming up on the hard anniversary of one year, or when I need to remember that the root of grief is love. Usually I make my own painted cards and they are always a kind of meditation on the person and their loss. It is part of a tonglen painting meditation practice I have been trying to cultivate since my daughter's death. This painting literally is 365 Xs that make up the heart and 365 Ox that make up the background. A year of remembering your child is like 365 days of hugs and kisses.

I also redesigned by main website. Still not sure how it fits me. I love the series the photographs come from, which is called Squared Circles, and it is part of a type of enso search through a photographers lens.

I am also working on two short stories and three essays. EEP. And they are for contest deadlines in the next week, so I might have to filter that down a bit, but for now, it is okay.

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