Friday, August 24, 2012

some recent work.

This poor neglected blog...I wish I had more time to take pictures and post about the artwork and creations I am making in my little art studio. At the end of July, I painted thirty-five mizuko jizos for grieving women, and mailed them out all through the world. It felt incredible to do this again for International Kindness Day Project for the MISS Foundation. I made some videos about my work, but I also did a how-to on how I paint them. I wanted to post it somewhere, but ended up skipping it. Maybe one day I will show it, because people think I am crazy to do 35 paintings in one day.


Anyway, here is a mix of the work I have done in the last month.

 The Virgin of Guadalupe, watercolor, 9"x12" on 140 lb. cold-pressed paper.

I recently had a reading by a woman who channels ascended masters and angel. Archangel Gabriel came through for me, which was amazing, and then my spirit guide, Lord Lanto, the ascended master. I had had another experience hearing his name, so this was not a surprise. But I was still humbled and honored to hear this from her. She channeled him and I was blown away by what he said. Things she couldn't know...things he clearly has guided into my life experience. For example, he told me that he comes to me in the form of mourning doves, which if you have read my work, you know I have written about hearing the mourning doves before writing. After the channel left, I googled my spirit guide, which is probably the most American thing in the world to do. I know people are probably cynical about this sort of thing, but what can I say? I am who I am. Lanto is a bodhisattva. Drawn to Eastern religions and philosophy, I absolutely resonated with his approach to life and spirit. I absolutely know why he is why I have been so drawn to painting bodhisattvas for grieving women. One evening, I was meditating and felt this absolutely overtaking urge to paint him, and the little mizuko jizos popped up behind him. I love this piece and it is going to be an inspiration piece in my studio to help guide my work. I have such strong love for Lanto, as my guide, mentor, and artistic and spiritual cheerleader. So grateful to have made his acquaintance.

I have a few meditating and yogi mamas in my shop for sale. You can check out some of the other work I have done there. Looking forward to autumn and setting up our Mabon altar and doing fall crafts and fun things...this summer has been go go go. and melt. melt. melt.

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Everything is gorgeous, as always. :)