Saturday, February 25, 2012

reStore scores

I love the reStore. Sam and I are constantly visiting to try to find cool furniture for the house. Pieces I can turn into art. I am always looking for a few metal tables for my gardening space and/or art studio. This week, before we came down with the stomach flu, we hit the reStore, and I bought a bag full of awesome for a little over five bucks. I began vomiting in the afternoon and didn't unpack the bag, so this morning, when I began feeling a bit better, I unpacked it.

What I bought for five bucks and forty cents:

These are little handthrown pottery bowls about the perfect size for water dipping, making a watercolor wash, glitter, storing little things and the larger one is good for holding pencils. Each of the little ones cost me fifty cents and the larger one fifty cents. So in total, two bucks

These reminded me of my grandmother. One Virgin Mary and one Jesus round placard. The back is wood, the front is blue mirror and metal. I have a thing for sacred hearts. There is no surprise there, right? The Jesus one reads, "I will bless everyplace where a picture of my heart shall be exposed and honored." Hells yes! And the Mary one reads, "Immaculate Heart of Mary Pray for us who have recourse to thee." I love Catholic art. Lately, this is exactly the kind of art I am drawn too. Anyway, I loved these. One buck each. They are going in my studio for inspiration.

Two hand painted black metal trays with roses on them. I felt like these must be old, but I have no way to prove that claim. Always looking for trays. Fifty cents each.

One brown bottle for 40 cents. $5.40.

What kind of things are you finding at the thrift shop these days? Please say it doesn't involve sad clowns.


HereWeGoAJen said...

Wow, nice stuff! I especially like the dishes. We don't have a good thrift store around here sadly.

Sara said...

I envy good thrift store finds. I suppose I don't go often enough or to the right places or with the right mindset. I find nothing nice or cool stuff that's expensive.

Janel said...

Love the brown bottle and the blue hand thrown bowls!

When you say reStore, do you mean a particular one in your area? The Goodwill and Salvation Army here in Newark are quite hit or miss.