Saturday, October 15, 2011


I love terrariums. I even wrote about them once here. Part of why I love them is that they are so easy to construct, and so beautiful. So, here is a little quick terrarium primer.

First, find a cool container. I bought this at the Re-Store for two bits (or twenty-five cents.)

Then get some cool river rocks, or stones for drainage. Put them in the bottom of the bottle/jar/container. Careful not to drop them too hard, or the glass will break.

Add some activated charcoal, then some spaghnam moss, which prevents your soil from going into your rocks. (didn't take pictures of this very exciting step, because I fell asleep. [joking]) Then add potting soil.

This next part is super fun. MOSS HUNTING. We have a few different species of moss growing in various parts of our yard. Feather moss.

And this other kind of moss, which is green and grows in a clump, so I am calling it green clump moss.

We found this one with little clovers growing in it, which is beautiful. We added it to the feather moss. And then we considered it done, though we may add a wee little gnome we make out of Sculpty. Who knows?

Such a fun easy project, and as you can see, the entire thing was mostly done by my four year old.


Sara said...

Terrariums bring me back to first grade. We had a big one in an old fish tank.

When I first read the title in my blogroll, I thought it said tantrums. Terrariums are much nicer.

HereWeGoAJen said...

That looks like a really great project to do. Do they stay alive nicely?

still life angie said...

They do stay alive nicely. I have a few I have left in windows which get dried out/burnt from the sun. They basically have a self-contained environment, so you only need to spray with water every other week or something. Keep out of direct sunlight. I have created or bought about fifteen terrariums since Lucia died. One thing I love about them is that they can be their own little world. One I have a lady bug in, the other an unkindness of ravens, another some red mushrooms...I should take some pictures of what I mean.