Friday, June 10, 2011


 Holy cannoli, it has been almost a month since I have posted on this blog. I am sorry. I have been painting most days. I went through a short dry patch some weeks ago. Here is some of the work I have done in the last few weeks:

A few weeks ago, while I was talking with someone on the phone, I doodled this lady with a watercolor pencil or two I found in my desk, then painted her with sparkly water I was drinking. Then I outlined her in ink. I liked her very much. It occurred to me that I should try painting her on a bookmark, since she made me happy. I guess, partially, this is how I have been feeling lately--all full of joy and love. Then, I painted this card for my friend Kate's shower gift. It works with pregnant ladies too. So, that made me happy.

Other work:

once a mother gave away one of my paintings on her blog, and it was this one. It is 6"x9".

I was also invited to participate in a show in January, and I will be creating this in acrylic 16" x 20". I am so psyched about it I could spit. Ooops, just did.

Meditating Mama for Angie.
Angie and I share a birthday and a name, and a bunch of other stuff, including losing a child in the same way. She is pregnant with her rainbow baby, so I painted a rainbow around her, with gold leaves to represent her beautiful son, and a butterfly for the new little one.
4"x 6" and watercolor.

Mediating Mama in traditional Buddha art style.
4"x 6"

This piece was commissioned on my Etsy site. She wanted both the sky and the aura, and so I was reminded on the traditional Indian/Tibetan works of Buddha with the orange and yellow aura, and tried it with the meditating mama. I liked the way it turned out.

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