Wednesday, August 4, 2010

08.04.10 Talking about ATCs.

I have been wanting to do this for a while, but today, I received an email from Ines with so much excitement for Artist Trading Cards (ATCs). I love them too. I wish I had more time to create more of them, and explore more detailed smaller works. We did an ATC trade a few months ago, which was really awesome. I love exchanging work. Anyway, I just had been leaning my ATCs against various things on my desk, or hanging them with a magnet on my metal filing cabinets. I wanted to show y'all what I am doing with my beautiful ATCs, received and made.

First off, I found ATC size matted frames at Michael's for some ridiculously small amount of money, like less than four bucks. I have this very strange space between two windows and had intended on hanging some ATCs there, but haven't quite gotten around to it. So, for now they are on my sideboard.

For the rest of them, I found this incredible ATC journal on Etsy. It was very reasonably priced. So, I bought it. And here is what I got so far from trades, the ripple project and my own creations. You may recognize some of these from posting on here or my blog.

I taped a small envelope on the inside of the front cover to house the ATCs I meant to trade, am still working on, or in this case, the ones I donated on ripple, but no one bid on them. So sad. (Not the least bit surprised, but still sad.)

I also tape them on top, so that I can lift them and see the information of who it is made.  And in my ATC searches, I found a very cool ATC information stamp, which I am now using for the back of the cards.


Amy said...

I love ATC too! Mine are still waiting for a more appropriate home, but for now they live on the refridg where I can see them each day. Great little ATC book.

Curls O Fred said...

What a great system you have down! I hope to work on some more here soon. I have mine in our bedroom on my dresser :) Love the little frames though...might check them out at Michaels...

Anonymous said...

Bummer.... I love your ATCs and I missed the swap in June. If you're ever up for another one, I'm in it (in case I don't blow it again, brain doesn't work so smoothly nowadays).